Ooops... Beauty Spending Ban!

I am not a big spender; I never was or felt that the need to be. Since I can remember my mum would make sure that I am aware of the home economics and finances. A big part of finance exercises was allowance management, which quickly taught me that if I want to get my favourite magazine each month I have to save money on something else. This is why I am very price cautious and know that if I wait for sales I can pay less. 

However, I’ve noticed lately I have been overbuy things. On one hand in some areas of my life I am very minimalistic, I also talk about the downsides of being a minimalist, on the other hand beauty was one of the categories that I would allow myself to get products even if I did not need them or won’t need them for the next few months. 

The thing is that I rarely would ever buy high end pricy beauty products for body care to notice any financial loss. Still I would get lower priced shower gels, soaps, body scrubs, deodorants etc., often enough to notice that my cupboard never even gets half empty. 

Why would I buy too much? 

Who does not always want to have to hand at home their favourite beauty products from your favourite brands? In the mood for a grapefruit shower gel from the Body Shop or was it a slightly more stressful day and all you need is Palmolive Aroma Sensations So Relaxed or a happy Banana shower gel from Imperial Leather to match your hair shampoo and hair conditioner? Just open my beauty cupboard and I shall cater to all your needs. Picking a deodorant that matches your current mood also sounds like a fab idea, doesn’t it? Yes it does. Well it did sound amazing to me until the point where my little cupboard started to overflow with products. I am also very careful to avoid mistakes from the past and use the right amount of product so consumables are really lasting for a long time. 

It’s a bargain! Saving money is a big motivation factor behind my purchases. I love to be able to get my favourite products in advance and not pay the full price for them so although it might appear that I paid hundreds, I did not. Saving money without compromising on the quality of products that I use is definitely something I am going to continue. However, do I really need to stock up as if the Body Shop is never having 50% off again? Probably not. 

To save the good quality products for later and use them for special occasions. In the meantime I would also buy substitutes that are meant to help me save the products I love for longer. For example I would only use certain shower gels when I feel like a treat and use what I consider the ordinary ones at other times. 

This is why in April and May I am doing an inventory check, putting myself on a beauty spending ban and making sure that I use up at least half of the products that I already have. I am going to remain sensible and not use them just for the sake of it, as it would be a waste of the product and my money. However, I want to be able to close my cupboard and have a little bit more breathing space there. I will update you soon and of course do not forget to see the list shame/overbuying with the products that are currently in my beauty cupboard!

What are your thoughts about the spending bans?  

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  1. I've put myself on a spending ban too, I've been crazily cleaning out all my cupboards and ruthlessly binning most of the things in there, it was getting a little overwhelming!

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

    1. I know! I need to have a look and see what is left. How are you doing with your spending ban? x

  2. I think spending bans can be a good thing as long as one doesn't hurtle out of the gates once the ban is over and start buying everything in sight:) They may serve as a good tool as one work towards a specific goal/investment purchase. Looking forward to updates!

    1. Hi, that's a valid point! I am at the end of my beauty spending ban so I'll make sure to do an update in a week or two. Love, Iga