June Goals

June is one of my favourite months perhaps because of the summer solstice. There is something special for me in the longest day of the year and start of summer, which also happens to be my favourite season. June gives me some much needed sunlight after the long winter and a kick of energy. I love waking up when the sun is already out. Also a few great things in my life have happened in June so how could I not be motivated in June? Check my May Goals.

20 at home training sessions! I am in the mood to try some workouts that are available on Youtube, add links in the comments to your favourite workout! 

I’ve taken video footage from my trip in Iceland. I could not keep all the views just for myself! Let’s edit and share this baby! 

8 blog posts! Lately I am very active on Instagram; follow me if you don’t already. I also want to make sure that you can have access to more detailed posts here. 

Schedule 16 blog posts for June, July, and August. I’ve done it before so hopefully I can get back to being more regular and organised. 

Another month where I am sticking to the beauty ban! Using up products is so satisfying! I have to say that I had no idea how much I would enjoy it. It is quite an eye opening experience, especially when you find products you had no idea you had. I am tempted to do beauty empties. 


Flat searching! It is about time to move out from the room I am renting out to a flat, just wait for all of the stories I have! I cannot wait to have my own space! It has been too long. 

Organising a family trip to Portugal! Have you been? Shower me with links to places we should visit, guides, dishes to try, and wine to drink! 

On my shelf there is currently a book by Jack D. Schwager - The New Market Wizards, that is waiting me. What are you reading? 

What are your goals for June? 

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  1. I really recommend Lucy Wyndham Read if you want to do workouts at home! I really want to get into fitness too this month, I want to start running!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. I am going to check out Lucy. Atm I am finally back to workouts with Jillian Michaels :) x

  2. These are great goals for June. I'm rooting for you from here!
    I hope you'll nail them all.

    T H E Ä S T R O N