August Reads

Is outside grey, rainy and you want to procrastinate? I know the feeling, here is a few blog posts from fellow bloggers that replied to my twit. Follow me there so next time I ask for a blog posts to read and list you can be involved too! Let's grab a coffee and have a read.

Iceland vibes! What can I say... I went in May again and this post really makes me consider going back again as soon as possible. Tickets on a budget anyone?

This is the list you need if you are into interiors and want to find gems on a budget. Did you know that H&M has a home section? Also Randi shares not so budget friendly options but we all know... Sales! 

Girls weekend in Savannah with a tip where to stay to have a room overlooking the river!

Quick posts with favourites. If you are thinking of getting Jo Malone fragrance check out the recommended Blackberry and Bay.

Another delicious post that I was interested a lot. I've found it as I was about to pack for two weeks in Portugal. Also I love yellow and it's the leading colour in this place. Plus this place has a fluffy, ginger surprise.

All about the mad Tokyo's food scene! Be aware it might make you hungry immediately. Did you know that Tokyo has the most Michelin stars? 

Teryaki Salmon with avocado and radish looks so delicious I just want to have it for dinner asap. Also how could I say no to mouthwatering Scallop dish?

Another proof that we do not need to travel abroad to have a great weekend. Exploring your local spots is a fantastic way not only to save money but also to give a chance and rediscover local area. Check out Sudbury Hall Museum.

One of my favourite points is about aesthetics. I closely followed this subject for a while as it was part of my Master Degree dissertation. This post has a potential start very interesting discussion.

If you are into dry sense of humour this post is for you especially with images. Very unique view into parenthood. 

Very hard to talk about subject. What are your thoughts about number two tip: accept that you can not change the past? 

Includes at least one thing that I am guilty of... Procrastination! It is quite comforting and motivating knowing that I am not the only one.

Wow! You have to check out Katrina's journal. It shows her creativity and pure joy from making it hers in 100%.

The quote at the end from Les Brown is fantastic! Have a read and decide what's next for you after landing your dream job.

Easy to follow, quick guide that also includes technical knowledge such as SEO that helps your website's presence online.

Very honest post to and about anxiety written in a form of a letter. Thank you for sharing!

Easy to make recipe! I am tempted to try it when I have a free weekend.

Lifestyle post with vibes from Malta. 

Be aware this post is long and great! Especially if you are about to start University. Down to Earth tips are what I love the most about it. Yes, budgeting is a thing and should be a thing when you are at University.

I love that Susie really tested the product. This is not another review with typical 'It's great buy it, I used it once for 5 minutes'.

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  1. Thanks for reading my post and putting it up on your blog.. Really appreciate it. I hope my blog post was helpful to you as to dealing with procrastination.