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Creating Awesome Airbnb Profile

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Have you picked perfect Airbnb for your next trip? Perfect! It’s time to create an awesome Airbnb profile that will help you to secure the booking. 

Clear Photo of You 

What’s working on Instagram might not work on Airbnb so take your straw hat off, turn back to face the camera and smile. You are about to request a stay in someone’s home. Most of the people would like to see who is requesting the stay. 

I would suggest not using any photo that you would not want your dream employer to see. This also includes a photo from that insane party where you’ve been captured pouring vodka on yourself from a 5l vodka bottle. Most of the hosts have ‘no party’ rule so showing your inner party animal even if it happened once five years ago might not receive a warm welcome. 


Positive feedback left by your host is always welcomed and reassures host that you already showed respect to other properties. If you do not have any references hosts might be worried that your profile is a fake. At the beginning when I was building up my references I shared links to my blog that were old enough not to be considered fake. If you do not have a website I would suggest LinkedIn. This of course depends on how comfortable you are to do that. 


To receive a reference you need to request them from another member. Both you and the referee need to have a profile picture. The aim of Airbnb references is to grow and build your profile. This can be one way to increase the chances of bookings. 

Personally I would trust someone more who shares their LinkedIn with me as at the end of the day they are showing their work place rather than having feedback written by a relative. 


I do not have a video about myself. However, there is an option to do that. 


Currently you can be verified by confirming your email address and phone number, which will be shared with host when your booking is confirmed. Additionally, you can verify two social media accounts; Facebook and Google. 


Message the host with a stay request can really help the host to decide. I would say that rather than sending the perfect request send a human sounding one. Honesty is the best policy so answer a few questions: 

Who are you? 

Who you are travelling with? 

Why do you want to stay in this property? 

Acknowledge if you do not have any references and connect with other social media that will help host to decide. 

My request would sound: 


I am Iga and I am based in the UK. I am going to travel with my family of five to Portugal in August. We want to make our trip to Lisbon special and have an as authentic experience as possible that’s why we would like to stay in your apartment. I am also a travel blogger, if you want to know more about me have a look at www.igaberry.com

If I have any questions I would add them at the end e.g. are towels included, is there a hair dryer, can we use a washing machine, and are there any stairs? 


Write a few sentences about yourself. Airbnb is not really a Tinder style place so what would be funny there, believe me I am the first one to check articles with funny Tinder descriptions, might not work as your best selling point. 

If you would be an Airbnb host what would you look for in guest’s profile?

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  1. Great post! I had stayed in an Airbnb as I sold my house and bought this second one during the interim period. It was an amazing experience but I would like more of these posts to be available for all whom need them as it is always good to have a review, perspectives, or the warnings of what to do and what not to do as some Airbnbs have no refund policies. Enjoyed reading, and very educational! Thank you for sharing.

    Blessings from Seattle,
    Ann Marie Ruby | https://annmarieruby.com/

    1. Hi Ann Marie Ruby! It's great to see that you like my post. Words like this are always very encouraging to create content. Plus it is a great indication of subjects that someone might find interesting. I cannot say that 100% of my Airbnb experiences was incredible (one was actually very terrifying) but most of the time Airbnb delivers what I am asking for. Thank you for visiting!