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Pack Your Make up Bag Like a Pro

Today I want to talk about making the most of your makeup bag and packing like a pro. This is not a post where I tell you that you have to cut back on your make-up products, I might suggest substitutes. There are quite a few simple tricks that still allow travelling light and most of the time with only hand luggage. 

I had the pleasure to review a beautifully designed Grace, a make-up bag that is part of the Victoria Green’s line up. I would love it if you would have a peak at what I had to say. 
For years I did not even have a makeup bag as all I used was mascara, sometimes the same one for a year or two; I know it’s gross when you know about all of the dirt and bacteria accumulating. However, over the years I started to embrace make-up so a little bit of glitter or rouge on my cheeks is always welcomed and so my make-up bag grew. I had to step up my packing game and learn how to pack a make-up bag like a pro with a few simple tricks. I’ve tried them all and use them over and over again. 
Pack like a Pro!

Personally I am all about transparent compartments within a make-up bag. I want to see at a glance what is there and if by mistake I am not taking that third pink lipstick. Yes I could do a list but… at the same time I can check your Instagram so why would I skip that in favour of a list? Let’s be friends on Instagram. 
Another big one, is the bag waterproof? I do not want to get anything from the outside in or even the inside out. Imagine your new white summer dress in Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. Not a pretty picture.

My hair brush is now no longer in my make-up bag. Instead get yourself a travel friendly size and squeeze it in somewhere between your socks. This might damage the bristles so don’t do that with your pure boar brush from Mason Pearson. Get yourself a Tangle Teezer in in their travel size with a protective cover on sale.

Samples, precious little things that tempt me attached to magazines and things that I never have had a chance to use. Declutter your make-up counter and finally use them up when you travel. Really, this goes without saying I am sure you know that already but if you still have a hidden stash of moisturises from last month’s Cosmo it’s time to use it or get rid of it. Another obvious trick is to take multipurpose products. I am not going to count this as a separate tip as it’s that obvious.

Really struggling for make-up bag space? Swap shower gel for soap. Treat yourself to one that will be a pleasure to use and won’t dry out your skin as much as ordinary soup would. Aveeno moisturising soap is quite good. You can do the same with a shampoo but that’s too hard core for me. The shampoo bars I’ve had a chance to use made me regret my decision straight away so I am sticking to pouring a bit of my ‘Good hair day 50% of a time’ product into a plastic refillable bottle rather than ‘What the heck just happened with my hair 100% of a time’ shampoo bar. If you know an epic bar shampoo share it in the comments below.

This is a housekeeping tip. If you have free space in your make up bag prevent products from banging around each other by squeezing a pair of socks in to the gaps to make sure that there is no free space. 

I always loose one or two hair ties in unknown circumstances. However, I usually use a few to keep small items such as eyeliner, eyebrows pencil, lipsticks together. It’s a double win as I always have extra hair tie when I need it and my products will stay in one place. 

Pro tip!

Place your make-up in the middle of your suitcase. Clothes around will help to cushion and protect your products from any bangs and falls. 

What else should be on this list to pack your make up bag like a pro?

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