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August Goals!

Woah! Here we are in already August, time really does fly! Do you know what my highlight is going to be this month? Well let me tell you… I am going away to sunny Portugal for two whole weeks. I cannot wait! My last adventure was to Iceland and I loved every second of it so much and now I am ready to catch even more sun before the golden Autumn appears with its darker evenings. 

Although I did not have a chance to talk about my goals in July I did have them. I know, keeping secrets from you?! 

‘What is this?’ you can say. 

The biggest one was focusing on my gym routine and Instagram. I am so excited to see that the Travelicious community is growing! Guys we have over 3000 people involved, and I appreciate every single one of you! 

This is VERY important, unless you don’t have Instagram and don’t want to grow your following and meet likeminded people than you can skip that part. 

If you want a shout out on my Instagram Stories use the hashtag #TraveliciousLifestyle and I will select my favourite photos almost every day and give them some sweet sweet loving! … Don’t take that literally, what I mean is I will share your Instagram account on my Insta Stories. 

August Goals! 

I know, I know holidays are the perfect opportunity to create Insta Stories, for example in a charming restaurant or on a gorgeous beach. That’s totally fine and I am so completely going to do it because I cannot be away from you for too long. 

However, everything in moderation. One of my aims will be to reduce the amount of time I spend online scrolling aimlessly on my Facebook feed. Is it just me or is Facebook really not that relevant anymore? 

Another thing I will do, or should I say not do, is the religiously checking and replying to the thousand and one emails I get. I love seeing opportunities in my inbox however, in those two weeks away I am dedicating only 15 minutes a day to doing it. Holidays are the time for me and I am taking a step back to enjoy some coffee in this charming restaurant where I am about to take a photo of my dessert to share with you. You know me, I could not keep Portugal just for myself! 

July gave me a flavour of one of my favourite activities, which is as exciting as bungee jumping I promise… Reading books outdoors. 

Once again I am in love with my Kindle. I take it with me almost everywhere I go so when I know that I will have a few minutes for myself I am eagerly finishing another chapter. Without a doubt I would love to continue that routine in August. I want to finish two books that I’ve bought during an Amazon sale The secret life of bees Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking.

I’ve mentioned already that in July I placed more focus on my fitness routine and delicious gym treats. If you know me even just a little bit you will know that waking up in the morning does not come naturally to me. Only I will know how hard it was to wake up on the last day of July to hit the gym… However this time it was 1:0 for Gym Vs Duvet. 

I found a massive amount motivation to go when I found my gym partner. It just so happens it is someone I just knew well enough to ask them to go with me but not enough to admit to being a lazy person that would rather bail and stay in bed for extra hour and a half of sleep. By the end of July we are way past that boundary though. Knowing that someone else is waiting and frankly judging me for being lazy is a huge motivation to me. 

The gym has had another positive outcome in my life, since being back at the gym I am also more regular with moisturising. I have no idea how the connection appeared in my life but hey my skin loves it especially after exposure to the summer sun. 

I am going to stick to this new routine as it’s not only helping my skin to be smooth and smell like pink grapefruit (my favourite!) but also helps me to use up my collection of beauty products. It’s a win-win situation. 

What are your goals?

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  1. My goals are similar this month. I want to read more. I definatly think its good to have time away for social media sometimes.

    Melissa |

  2. I love taking time away from social media too, great post :)

    1. Thank you! It's always a much needed break for me that helps me to catch a breath and be present in a moment.

  3. Great post. Hope you achieve them all!