Stonehaven | Day Trip

You know what I adore? Day trips when I have access to a car, they are way more achievable and attractive to me than ever. Buses and public transport are great but I am definitely appreciating the comfort of just jumping behind the wheel whenever I feel like it. That’s why when I noticed from my kitchen window a few sun rays I decided the weather was too gorgeous not to take advantage of so I slipped into my River Island dress and within a few minutes I was ready to visit one of my favourite gems in Scotland. 


My outfit choice was not intentional but I must admit, this dress was just the perfect choice. It worked seamlessly with its costal surroundings so of course my husband was encouraged ehem to take a few photos.
Stonehaven has quite a few free things to do however, I would suggest taking a few pounds with you to enjoy fish and chips outdoors or ice cream. Eating outside in this part of Scotland is quite an extreme sport. Don’t we all love to fight with a very determined seagull for the last chip? If you want a bit more of a heated fight I dare you to get chips after a night out in Aberdeen and eat them near Market Street. The seagulls there are particularly feisty but so far it is 3-1 for me. 
Having such a pretty town on my doorstep for so long really spoiled me so if you have a chance to visit Stonehaven don’t miss out on the opportunity. Take your picnic rug with you, find a spot and watch the sun going down on the remarkable and stunning Dunnottar Castle. 

Share in comments your local gem! 

Dress & Shoes - River Island

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