Things People Say to Travel Bloggers

People will always have an opinion and it is not always constructive. Wow, I am discovering new world here with this statement, I know. Being out there in the digital jungle means that even more people than just your friends and acquaintances will have an opinion to share with you. Today we will talk about the less constructive conversations that I have encountered. The online and let's be frank offline world can already be quite negative so let’s treat this post with a daily dose of humour and sarcasm. 

People think it’s ok to look into your wallet and act as your official financial advisor. 

‘But if you have money to visit X you should have money for this’. 

Travel to Iceland was planned in advance costed me in total £100 and you are suggesting that I can afford £175 more each month for bills for a year, not including additional costs that this decision will bring. 

They will also prioritise your life for free. 

‘If you can afford X you can afford Y’. 

Well there is a reason why I can afford X. Because I am working, making sacrifices and saving money for it and it is my priority. Quite frankly a lavish evening in a spa sounds extraordinary and I would love to be part of it. I already see myself swimming in champagne but not for £445 per hour. Didn’t you notice that I do my own coffee scrub because A) it’s great and B) it costs me around £0.45 per portion? If you did notice that's not great because either I did not wash it off properly or you creep on me whilst I am having shower.

They also believe so hard in me that they think that PR companies are just waiting to pay for my trips. 

‘You have been paid to say that Blue Lagoon/Sicily/Budapest/Wales is great’

Absolutely! I am being sent on a private pink jet everywhere with my logo on it. More over as soon as I enter three necklaces from Tiffany’s are waiting for me to pick from. I select it based on my mood because you know 3050 followers on Twitter gives you that privilege. 

If I have been invited for a complimentary meal you are the first to know because my core values are transparency and authenticity so I will tell you. I will also tell you if that meal was not great because quite frankly you deserve to know and I worked hard for your trust so why would I jeopardise it for a free starter? Also I do not remember when last time I had a complimentary meal.

‘Your life is so easy, you just travel’ 

Said by someone I used to work with. Ehem, are you saying you did not notice me at work Monday to Friday for the past 5 months? Last time I’ve checked I was not in the possession of an invisibility cloak. 

What comments did you hear that you’ve just raised your eyebrow at and moved on?

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  1. I can't believe people would be so rude as to tell you how to spend your money or make assumptions about how you manage your budget(well I beleive it but still, so rude!). I think because some bloggers do get free rides, and portray it in such a way as like...everything is normal/easy/it's just a bloggers' life, people do get a warped perception that they are not the majority. That's amazing you went to Iceland for such a bargain, teach me your secrets! xx

    1. There was an interesting case of a girl that was basically 'chasing the luxurious blogging dream' by taking loans. This ended quickly with her having a massive debt to pay. I guess sometimes temptation and want to create certain perception is too strong, which does not help to show more realistic side of blogging.

  2. I think, smart people can do the same and they will exchange their own experience with people like you Iga, but some of them... ermmmm... they insted being jealous should be happy, they still have an internet and are avilable to read and write ;D In fact, you have such beautiful pictures!!! I love them and I am jealous too! ;) XX

  3. Loved this. The comments "But if you have money to visit X you should have money for this". and "If you can afford X you can afford Y" are classics aren't they. It so does not always work like that. You could have been planning something for a year and sold things on ebay for that year or paid in installments for it etc (I know I have done this). Its also what is priority to yourself. I love a spa weekend as it my time to relax from the stress that is my life but I don't want to pay X amount doing something that has no interest to me. We put a lot of work and time into our content and photography and we don't get everything for free. For every 1 free thing we may get (or part of a free thing) we pay our own money for so much more of it.

    1. Taking about eBay... I need to check how are my auctions doing. I could not agree more Nital eBay can be a good way to save a little bit of extra cash for holidays. I am always surprised when someone goes straight into my finances. I find it actually quite rude.