Travelicious Poster

I am a girl that loves to travel and anything that is wanderlust related so when the Beyond Living team asked me to check out their minimalistic and very travelicious posters,  and offered 15% off for all you Travel Berries, I was in.  What a great gift to for a travel lover!

For 15% off use: igaberry15

After checking their range I knew pretty quickly that the Find It World travel poster had to be mine. Although it was a close call with Find It London. Maybe I will treat myself to it if I ever move to London.

A few days later my poster arrived rolled securely in a tube. I was ready to find it a space on the wall.

What do I like about it? 

Scratch maps are great but what I really like is finding countries and then colouring them in any colour I want. I do not want to spoil your fun so before I actually started to colour in the countries that I have visited I took photos for this post. I would not want to give any spoilers!

This poster can easily be a stand alone piece on your wall and comes in at 61 x 91.4cm. I had a quick look and Ikea offers a frame that is the same size as poster.   

How hard is it to find a country? 

I would love to say not very hard however, this poster is big. I tried to find Portugal and I ended up finding around 20 other countries instead before my husband went line by line to finally discover where the word 'Portugal' was hiding. Perfect! I did not want it easy!
Its black background means that any colours you use to highlight the letters will pop out instantly.  I am thinking of colour coding countries I visited either by year or continent. The paper construction is thick so even if the colour chosen comes out weak I could easily touch it up a few times with a highlighter. If there is anything to watch out for are greasy fingers, I left a mark or two but nothing that a wipe with a dry cloth could not deal with. 
What countries can you spot in image above? 

*I've received this poster free of charge. I was not paid to tell you how awesome it is. They did not have to pay me, this poster is a fantastic gift!

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  1. Marshall Islands; Algeria; Monte Negro;Mauritius; Slovakia; Portugal; Czech Republic; El Salvador; :)

  2. This is so cool. I’m really bad at it, I’ve been staring at the photo for 5 mins and haven’t found any.

  3. How cool! That poster made my brain dance! I saw the country Iraq! I think I saw Nepal..but my brain was dancing who knows🤷🏾‍♀️🤣 I love your post.