Sweet Birthday Treat

Every time it’s my birthday I am the most excited person in the world! Birthdays can be such a special day and there are many delicious ways to express that. The Biscuiteers knows that! To celebrate my day they delivered some incredibly delicious sweet birthday treats in the form of their vintage luxe birthday tin straight to my door. Aren’t they the best? 

The torture of not having a bite straight away before taking photos was acute! I kept having to stop the hubby from helping himself to them, apparently they kept calling his name.
They are works of art, only if the biscuits that I make were so perfect! All my friends would get them as gifts. However, my biscuits don’t even look half as toothsome, so they might be up for a treat that I will order from the Biscuiteers instead. Next day delivery is definitely helpful for any last minute buys! Truth be told I do not remember the last time I have attempted to make biscuits that were successful, but now knowing how beautiful they can be I am up for the challenge. Friends beware! I might be back to the kitchen. 
It can be hard to shop for someone who does not want anything so a vintage tin of sweet works of art could be the perfect treat. Personally I love gifts that are something that I would not treat myself to and that are not going to collect dust for a year or two, or three depending on how good of a memory of the person I received it from is. These stylish iced biscuits are definitely not going to stay around for long enough to worry about the dust! 
What a tasty birthday treat!


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