October Goals

September flew by! However, we managed to achieved the biggest goal of them all for this year. Finally my husband and I are living together in the same flat. Can you tell that I am excited? Believe me I am ecstatic!

I know that Blogtober is here and basically bloggers share a post a day but this will not be the case with me. I have been planning changes for a while, mainly by brainstorming to be honest, but it helped me to clarify my ideas and directions. What month then could be more perfect than October to make my ideas into a reality?


Let me start with... PORTUGAL WAS AMAZING! I really do not understand why it is so hard then for me to start writing about it. No more excuses! Yes I have been busy but I enjoy speaking with you so much that not sharing about my travelicious adventures is just wrong.  That's why one of my October goals is to create 4 posts from Portugal.

I also want to post a photo a day on Instagram. I am not sure if you've noticed but I also regram on my Insta Story images, so make sure you use #TraveliciousLife if you would like a shout out, you know what to do. 

Logo! Logo! Logo! It's time to change it. Watch this space as I am going to invest time to make it more user friendly and appealing. I love the style I have but I feel that we could improve upon it.

Edit videos, finally! I took loads of footage during my last three trips (Iceland, Cracow, and Portugal) and it's really about time to do something with them.  

Did you go through a similar process of improving your websites? Please share posts, tips, and what else I should pay attention to! Also, if you know an epic illustrator please give me their details; I would love a little bit of help. 

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  1. I like the way your blog looks. It looks professional! Would love to read more about Portugal.

    1. Thank you so much Deb! Portugal posts are coming!

  2. Looking forward to everything new to come on your blog!