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I have not taken part in a blogging tag for a while! It’s quite refreshing having a little creative time where I write about something else other than travelling. Although I love to travel and share my adventures I think I should share with you a little life update. The Versatile Blogger Award sounds like a perfect opportunity to tell you what is happening in my life in 7 points. Thank you Bella-Rose!

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A few more or less known facts from the last year of my life.

I left Scotland and moved to Birmingham in England. On one side it’s not a big change because I am still in the Great Britain. However if you were living in Scotland for a bit you know how bony it is! Just have a look at dreamy Stonehaven and a few of my favourite memories from my summers in Scotland

I not only left the beautiful scenery behind but also… My husband. Click bait right here! ‘I just got married and left my husband’. Long distance marriage in the first year of being newlyweds was definitely something new. I would be a lie to say that it was unexpected because we were aware that I was going to move down South for quite a while before the wedding.

I started my new job hence the move to England, change teams four times as a part of the rotation and secured a 12 months position in my chosen department. It was a crazy and very active year!  

Living separately, 9 hours apart, made us really creative when it came to arranging time together and squeezing in as many activities, lunches with friends, weekend in Wales, and date nights in a very limited time. 

I've driven up and down from Aberdeen to Birmingham 6 times so time was very limited! Talking about which... After years of not driving, simply out of fear, I am finally back behind the wheel and it feels great! My driving experience was challenging to the point that the last time I drove before summer 2017 was during the driving exam. In a single year I have driven over 10,000 miles including 10hr drive back to Aberdeen. Massive achievement for someone who was physically sick before their exam.

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  1. Congratulations on your move, it's hard to do long distance isn't it? Me and my husband did it for a few years but it soon becomes second nature.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

    1. Thank you Rosy! Long distance relationship is definitely an interesting experience. I am not sure I want to do one again anytime soon ;) x

  2. I think most of my relationships have been long distance. I always enjoyed it. However, now I do like the fact that there is much less travel now!

    1. Absolutely! What was the highlight for you of a long distance relationship? x