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Have you ever been under the impression that you need to pay up to have a great meal? When I was in Copenhagen over the summer, there was no shortage of Michelin starred restaurants costing an arm and a leg, promising gastronomy excellence. But is it really necessary to ensure good grub? In my opinion, absolutely not. Let me tell you about this amazing little gem I stumbled across in Mykonos, Greece. 
The spot 

Kiki's Tavern is a super cute spot for lunch and late afternoon dining. It is one of the most popular authentic tavernas on the island, so you’ll need to arrive early (11.30 am should do it) if you’d like to be seated in the first sitting. 

Perched on top of the hillside overlooking Agios Sostis Beach, you will find this charming beach shack. Don’t expect signage or a telephone in operation to take your reservation. In fact, they don’t even have electricity; just wood fired ovens and generators. But that’s what makes this place all the more special and endearing. 
How it works 

When you arrive make yourself known to the jolly owner. He’s been in the business for 30-odd years and runs a strict first come, first served operation. The catch is there is no guest list in place. He runs this tight ship with his photographic memory! With thousands of happy customers to account for it, it’s obviously a formula that works. 

If you miss the first sitting, pop your name down and share the wait with your mates, letting them head down to the crystal blue waters below for a refreshing dip, and whilst you are sitting in the queue, make some new international friends and enjoy the wine on the house. 

On average the wait time for a table is 1.5 hours, but I promise this will fly by. 

How to get there 

There aren't really road names outside of Mykonos Town, so you will really need to look this one up on a map, you’ll also need your own wheels to navigate to Kiki's. From town head North towards Agios Sostis Beach. It will take about 20 minutes. 

Park up anywhere alongside the road at the top of the hill, Kiki's is only a short stroll down the hill. 
What to order 

Some people say Kiki's is iconic for the steaks, others say you have to order the pork chop and tzatziki, and I highly recommend the grilled chicken. So basically, anything goes because it’s all delicious! 

We ordered the baked feta, fresh side salads and the stuffed chicken fillet with sun-dried tomatoes and feta which were all fabulous – you will not leave hungry. 
Then what 

After lunch, take a stroll down to Agios Sostis Church. It is as you’d expect a Greek church to be, with pretty whitewashed walls, a terracotta rooftop and blue doors overlooking the sparkling bay and miles of soft white sandy beach below. 

You can then stroll along the headland taking in the magical views. From your vantage point, find your perfect spot to camp on the beach below. I recommend the secluded bay directly below Kiki's. Relocate to the main beach after the sun dips below the horizon and you’ll get another hour or so. 

The meal including appetizers, sides, mains and wine came to about €60 for two people. An absolute steal! Especially on the island of Mykonos. 

So, whilst there is no denying that a Michelin starred meal is sure to be good, it just goes to show that the simple things in life can often be the most pleasurable. Our day out to Agios Sostis Beach and Kiki's Tavern was certainly one of the highlights from our trip to Mykonos, and a meal I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. 

Wishing you all safe travels. 

Text and images by Jas* 

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