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I not only have beauty super stars but I also have home products that made my life just a little bit easier during the past few months. 

I love repeating my outfits and making sure that I use clothes that I have. Colder months were just made for cosy knitwear, cashmere jumpers, and what comes with it... bobbles that appear out of nowhere making my favourite grey jumper look it is 15 years old. A fabric shaver has been with me for years and although it might not be the most exciting product when you think about it, but if you are sick of bobbles on your favourite clothes it will be one of the most useful accessories to fight them. I currently have a basic fabric shaver powered by batteries and it's fine for smaller items. However, in the future I am going to upgrade to one that is powered by mains power. 

I like hot drinks but not to the point to get a coffee machine, at least not yet. I was tempted to get one during the Black Friday sales but then I thought why would I when I have the perfect little tool in my kitchen draw. I might not be a die hard coffee lover to get a proper coffee machine however, I am not going to say no to a creamy, silky smooth milk foam in my mocha especially when I can do it myself at home. 

This year finally I moved out from shared accommodation, left the uncomfortable mattress behind me, and was reunited with my favourite Leesa mattress. It is as comfy as I remembered it to be and you can learn more about Leesa in my post about them. 

Kitchen, drink related accessories are a bit of a theme this year! I do not know how you feel about hot drinks that go cold but I am not a fan. I will still drink it and attempt to finish it but I like my favourite tea warm.

When I talked about beauty products that did not work for me I have said that my make-up would not fit into one make-up bag. However, I've found one that is great to take my essentials when I am travelling.

What home accessories make your life easier?

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