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Budget Friendly Romantic City Break | Krakow, Poland

How to organise cheap, romantic weekend break abroad - tips to visit Krakow in Poland from the UK travel and lifestyle blogger Iga Berry

Is it just me or are weekend get aways underrated? I wish we had more long weekend breaks especially when the weather in the UK is not so great and the summer appears to be rather gloomy. A cheeky, quick city break on a budget somewhere warmer would be an excellent idea!

My husband organised for us a romantic weekend break in Krakow, Poland. He used a few tricks to make this weekend escape cheaper but without really compromising on our expectations, see how you can pick the right Airbnb for you.

Tips to Make Your Trip To Krakow Cheaper 

We looked into flying directly to Krakow but (un)fortunately it's a popular destination so that is often reflected in the flight price. However, you can flight to Katowice as we did and then travel to Krakow. The transport could not have been easier. We flew from Birmingham Airport to Katowice with Ryanair and then took a 2 hour bus to Krakow, you can find easy connection on Get By Bus. I've added a link that takes you straight to the bus times if you want to check it out for yourself. Our weekend escape was around £200 cheaper just by changing where we flew to but it did take out 4 hours in total from our trip.

Another thing that you could do is to stay in a hostel. However, it was not our idea of a romantic weekend break for a couple so we picked an Airbnb nearby the Main Square Krakow. Not staying in the heart of Krakow definitely helped us to save a few pounds and a 5 minute walk was really not a massive nuisance. We could have stayed in a hotel however, we like to sometimes order a take away and have a kitchen with cutlery.

If you are planning ahead check Groupon, this link will take you straight to Groupon deals in Krakow. This will definitely help you organise getaways and find sweet deals. I am not sure if you can translate deals to English so I would suggest before booking contact venues explaining that you want to buy a Groupon and asking if you can book a table or appointment if you fancy a beauty treatment. Contacting venues on Facebook or via email will also be a great idea so you can have proof of the conversation especially as I've noticed that some venues like to just match Groupon deal and you won't have to purchase the voucher. 

Let me know in the comments if there are other tips that you would suggest for Krakow or anywhere else in the world! Enjoy your mini break!

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  1. I really liked Krakow. I went years ago in 2009ish when it wasn't so popular so I remember flights being really cheap.
    My partner and I stayed in a Lush hostel right in the square. Despite it being classed as a hostel, we had our own room with stunning wood flooring and panelling overlooking the square.
    We went during the dragon festival which is well worth checking out.

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