Unexpected Driving Surprises

Driving and I is a controversial subject in my family. I passed my test as soon as I could and then for a long, long, long time I had nothing to do with driving again, I even avoided bumper cars. However, times have changed and to get my career going I had to either get a car or spend 4h a day commuting to my new job. You can imagine why I did not chose the latter. We bought our Red Dragon (sounds like a sexy, sporty car, which is not) and started exploring! Having a car has opened up many exciting weekend destinations to me, just have a look at this charming cottage hidden away in Wales. One of the many perks of being a UK travel blogger is discovering new places that are on your doorstep but that's not the only thing.

After two years of driving almost daily and doing a few long distances, from Birmingham to Aberdeen and back, I can say that there have definitely been a few learnings that practice and other drivers have taught me.One of them is Kwik Fit’s ebook; it teaches more about how crucial safety is on the road, use #DrivingIn2019 on social media and join the conversation.

If there is a crash or there is any heavy traffic I know that I have to be triple careful. Simply because there is always someone on their phone whilst driving and trying to take a photo or video, and sometimes this driver is going in the opposite direction. There have been a few times where they lost control of their car, and started driving right onto my lane. Really?

It might not feel like winter and I might still be walking around just in my jumper but the weather will not forgive any signs of the lack of preparation. Mornings spent scratching my front window with a bank card are long gone as now I always make sure to have a few bottles of deicer in the boot. 

My boot is full of stuff that I need and that have actually saved me on a few occasions. The first thing that I always have extra of is screen wash. It’s actually illegal to not have fluid in a car’s screen washer bottle and I like to have my windows very clean so I go through screen wash as if there is no tomorrow. My current favourite is Autoglym Ultimate screen wash.

Another thing that I always have in my boot is bottled water for all those long traffic jams when you move at the speed of a snail and that is if you are lucky. I usually have another bottle of water next to me but in case I’ve forget there is always water waiting for emergency situations. My friend's story about her accident during the heatwave in 2018 and lack of water for 10 hours also helped me to quickly get a few bottles for my car, just in case.

What’s else in the boot of my car? A little travel bag with toiletries including sanitary products, drying towel, wet wipes, and antibacterial gel. If you have never had to stop at a petrol station's restroom that makes you want to go and do your business outside under a tree check out the Birmingham-Aberdeen route. You will find a few… Biological hazard gems. A dream for anyone who wants to examine some exotic bacterias and nightmare for someone like me who afterwards feels like it’s best to have a bath in Domestos. That’s when antibacterial gel comes handy.

My personal favourite is discovering that splashing pedestrians is actually easier to avoid than the drivers on Market Street in Aberdeen (nearby Union Square) made me think. Literally… You just have to slow down, magic. Fighting with the logic I always tried to gave those drivers the benefit of the doubt that maybe Market Street has some unique way that they just cannot avoid splashing me. But no, it turns out that some people are just... Let's say inconsiderate.

I am sure as time goes by I will be able to add more things that develop me as a driver. 


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