Next stop? Liverpool!

It was always on my list of cities to visit in UK because… The Beatles. I have a strong feeling that if my mum had a chance to go around the world and follow any band she would pick the Beatle. I guess now we both share a little bit of a Beatlemania. That’s why finally this summer I’ve decided to make time and visit Liverpool but first… Research! I have already talked about how important for me the research is and its role in travelling. I have shared all you need to know about researching your travels so jump there if you want to know more.

Where did I start my research about Liverpool?

No, not from the Google as you probably might have guess. Years ago I would probably start from there but not anymore. What is working the best for me is actually sitting down for a few minutes and thinking when am I going, what’s happening in my life at the time, and what are my trip expectations. The less free time I have the more selective I am wth how I spend it, especially the precious weekends that end way too quickly and abruptly; so t I treat them now as mini holidays.

It’s a simple exercise but how effective! Deciding what sort of time away will bring me the most joy and what will I exactly need was something that I’ve started doing a few years ago after I returned home from holidays shattered.

To show you one an example, my trip to Liverpool would go hand in hand with me starting a new exciting job that I want to perform my best, so no matter how resilient you are life happens and some aspects can cause additional strain. That’s exactly what I want to avoid. Therefore, going away for a full on weekend with loads of different activities scheduled to an hour would not be something that I would truly enjoy. Next question was…

What things do I enjoy that will meet my current needs?

Now I know what kind of weekend I want it’s time to visit good, old, uncle Google to find some answers. ‘What to do in Liverpool?’ With this search I’ve been flooded with various websites all claiming that they found 10/15/20 exciting ‘must dos’. That’s still too much information, especially that I already know exactly what I want to do and chasing 20 ‘must see’ is not for me at this time.

How do I find things that you enjoy in a city that you are going to visit for the first time?

More specific searches mean more relevant results and less wasted time. When I was looking for things to do in Liverpool I looked for:

‘Visit Liverpool’, followed with ‘The most instagramable coffee shop in Liverpool’ (apparently it would be the Goodness Gracious Rooftop, readers from Liverpool let me know if it’s worth a visit there).

‘Cool things to do in Liverpool’ there is always something happening in Liverpool! One of the suggestions was Liverpool ONE app that helps you explore whislt you walk around looking for dinosaurs. I loved the idea of searching for different dolphins whilst I was in Aberdeen so I am sure I will love to find Parasaurolophus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, or Stegosaurus. #DinosaursUnleashed

‘What’s on in Liverpool’ that suggested activities for the May weekend, not useful as I was searching in June for activities in July. Skip that I thought and went even more specific with ‘theatres and plays in Liverpool in July’.

What to do if your perfect weekend is ruined by the weather?

We are in Great Britain and I could only blame myself for not getting ready for a sudden out of the blue weather change. Let’s be frank, I also do not want to pack too much just in case the weather change. Someone has to carry all the extra weight and I am definitely not the one that would actively add kg to my luggage. It’s good to have a few indoors options just in case!

I am absolutely going to attempt to take as many photos as I can and find all dinosaurs and Beatle’s spots out there so watch this space!

*In Collaboration.

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  1. Aww I hope you have the best time! I live in Manchester so always pop into Liverpool. I definitely recommend hanging around Albert Dock. It has such a unique atmosphere.

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