Hi! I am wanderlust obsessed girl based in Birmingham, Great Britain. I love to travel so you never know where you might be able to meet me. There are a few places that stole my heart: Boston, Reykjavik, and Budapest. 

In 2018 I want to discover the hidden gems of England and indulge in staycations. I am also going to Iceland in May and in August I’m off to Portugal.

I have been sharing my adventures since 2015 and I am definitely not planning on stopping anytime soon. You can be part of the adventure and connect with me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If you can’t get enough of stunning views, delicious food, practical travel tips, unique local spots, and designing a life you love, this is the place for you! 

I love all of my posts as they show my journey and development as a blogger however, I do have a few favourites:

10 Reasons to LOVE Budapest
Cosy & Hidden Gypsy Wagon in the Scottish Highlands
Starry Nights in Taormina  

Authenticity is key for me so I will always state when post are created in collaboration or if the product/service have been complimentary. However, I will never compromise and always give you my honest opinion. Thank you for understanding! 

I love photography so unless otherwise stated all the images I use are mine. If you like them too and want to use it, not for commercial purposes, I would be flattered.

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  1. I like your Travel Blog, Very informative keep up the good work.
    Can't wait to see your next adventure.

  2. Hi Iga, I've just been looking at your Fittie photos.
    Fittie is a nice place I like to take people who are visiting Aberdeen there.

    1. Hello, thank you so much for your comment! Fittie is very pretty and picture perfect!